Are you not able to decide between a Siamese and a Persian cat? It is better that you choose a Himalayan cat which is the best of both these worlds. It is a combination of Persian and Siamese, which makes Himalayan a demanding breed. If you are willing to buy this breed and want to know the Himalayan cat price in India, it will vary from one breeder to another. So to find out the price, you first choose a breeder and then check their price range.

So, here we will find out in detail about the Himalayan cat breed. You will find it easy to get information about this breed from this blog, and it will help you to decide whether or not to choose a Himalayan breed.

Their birth: 

Himalayan cat or a version of the precious Persian cats. These are created by crossing Persians with Siamese. Due to the huge demand for Persian cats, the breeders wanted to make a new breed that would have the characteristics of a Persian cat. So the first Himalayan cat that came into the world was back in 1931. It was initially recognized as Moniker colourprint long hair, which later changed to the title Himalayan. 

Their voice: 

Himalayan cats are certainly less vocal compared to Siamese but are definitely more vocal than Persians. These are definitely somewhere in between both breeds. However, they have expressive eyes that do a lot of talking. You will not hear their voice quite often like the Siamese cats, but they will often interact with the owners in times of need.

Their eyes: 

One of the most fascinating features of the Himalayan cat is its beautiful eyes. This is the reason why the Himalayan cat price might be higher. They have intense blue eyes that will immediately take your attention. Their eye colors are linked with the color of their coats. Kittens that have light for quality with pointed marking are generally born with blue eyes.

Several colors: 

Even when they are most frequently observed in cream colors, Himalayan cats are available in a wide variety of colors. They range from seal, lilac, and tortoiseshell to chocolate, blue, and flame. With such a vast variety of availability, you will find an opportunity to choose one according to your needs. However, you might not find all of the colors with the breeder, and hence you have to ask in advance to choose one accordingly. However, the Himalayan cat price in India might also vary according to their price.

They love homes: 

The Himalayan salt and adaptive breed. You must know that they are not party animals and would prefer a quiet and serene home ambiance like their ancestor Persian. They will go along perfectly with adults, children, and other pets. They will sit right beside you at a tea party and will not refuse if you give them good tea. They are definitely a great companion to have at home.

Doll face appearance: 

They have a unique look which makes them a huge demand. They have a very sweet personality with a doll-looking face that will immediately strike a chord when you find them. These breeds are extremely charming and oriented to their owners. They will never leave an opportunity to be with their owners when they can.

Bottom line: A Himalayan cat is undoubtedly a great breed to bring home. However, the Himalayan cat price in India might be a headache for you. So, choose Mummy Cat if looking for the best quality Himalayan breed at a reasonable price.