Anyone who has seen a Persian cat would definitely fall in love with these cute little kitties. They are the epitome of elegance and cuteness. This renowned cat breed is known for its soft and long fur quality along with a laid-back personality. Certainly, these are some of the attributes that increase the Persian cat price in India. However, that does not keep cat lovers from not buying these adorable little kitties.

So, if you’re about to adopt a Persian kitty, it is always the best choice to stay aware of this feline. This will help you to take proper care of the Persian kitty and make sure that it remains in the best health.

How is the personality of a Persian cat breed? 

Persian cats are most popular for being very gentle and sweet animals. They can be paid by everyone irrespective of the number of members in their family. This breed is very quiet and mellow. And you can say that they are not very active, especially when they grow old. They become tired very easily and so there is a chance of getting different health diseases.

If you are looking forward to finding a kitchen that can match your quieter lifestyle, the Persian cats are definitely a good choice. Unlike other breeds that you will find moving and jumping here and there, the Persian cat would enjoy time sitting on your couch without doing anything. They are a lazy breed, and hence you have to make sure to bring toys to keep them active. 

Because of their distinctive personality, this cat price in India varies a lot from other breeds. However, rather than looking for a reasonable price, make sure that you choose a quality and reputable breeder that can provide you with a purebred Persian cat.

What are the grooming needs for Persian cats? 

Persian cats are known for their high maintenance. They have a long flowing coat that will start shedding if you don’t take proper care. So daily grooming is a must. Using a metal comb can prevent hairballs and tangles. Bathing is definitely a big yes for Persian cats, but after you have thoroughly combed them.

As they are a high-maintenance breed, this impacts the Persian cat price in India. Since it takes the breeder to maintain this breed a lot of time, effort, and money, it adds to the price. Apart from this, grooming also requires brushing their teeth, trimming their nails, cleaning their face with water close to their eyes, and providing protein-rich food.

Choose a reputable breeder offering the best cat price in India

Since Persian cats are among the most demanding cat breeds in India, you will find a lot of options when you start searching for a breeder. However, you need to be very vigilant and make a good choice. Rather than falling for the reasonable price provided by some breeders, pay attention to quality, as it will be beneficial in the long run. 

While there are several breeders offering a reasonable cat price in India, Mummy Cat is a name that has been in this business for a long time now. This breeder is known for providing purebred exotic species to its clients. Not only are their prices reasonable, but also the information provided to you as a first-time owner will be valuable in the journey.