Bringing a Persian cat home is no less than having a baby. These are incredibly delicate things that desire love and care. Their silky and long coats with those big and colorful eyes are enough to make your heart rise. As they are available at an excellent Persian cat price in India, they are mostly chosen by enthusiasts. Even when the breed might not be energetic like other cats, they would love to cuddle their owners.

They are easy to handle, as you will find most of the time Persian cats relaxing and resting. Nevertheless, in order to retain the spark and liveliness in their appearance, you have to feed them with the best food. This cat breed has a lifetime of 8 to 11 years. However, it strongly depends on the living style, eating habits, and health. Being royalty, they require constant attention and grooming.

Understanding the nutrient needs of your Persian Cat

Persian cats would love protein because they generally look for things with great taste. Some of the most common things like poultry, beef, and fish or the ones that they would love to eat. However, let us find out the other things that your cat requires to live an entire life. Even when Persians love this food, they are not aware of it. Make sure you add these nutrients to their daily diet to maintain their beautiful coat and healthy body.

  • Fats: Fats are necessary for a Persian cat’s diet. It is the concentrated energy source that helps transport nutrients and makes proper use of them. Fats are essential for regulating metabolism and maintaining cell integrity. Saturated fats are found in animal products, while polyunsaturated fats can be found in plant products.
  • Minerals: Some of the most common minerals like iron, fluorine, magnesium, copper, and calcium are some of the essential minerals for your cats. These are some of the most common names of minerals that your Persian cat requires on a daily basis to maintain oxygen transportation, pH balance, and nutrition use. Minerals generally work together and help cats in performing their daily activities. 
  • Vitamins: Vitamin C is the next important thing Persian cats require to regulate metabolism. It is also essential for their growth. Cats generally get vitamin C through food their body synthesizes and enjoys the benefits. Make sure that you include Vitamins in the daily diet to regulate metabolism.
  • Clean water: Even when we are talking about food, we would also tell you that you have to ensure that your Persian cat is properly hydrated. Make sure to keep clean water around them and prevent them from getting dehydrated. It can result in a lot of issues like kidney disease, feeling UTIs or bladder issues.

To make sure of a healthy cat, you have to feed them healthy food. These are some of the essential nutrients that your Persian cat requires on a daily basis. Keep in mind that cats do not require carbs in their dietary needs. So it is better to avoid or minimize carbs in their diet.

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