Bringing home a portion cat is certainly one of the best things to do. If you are a cat enthusiast who loves to pet cute little companions, nothing can be better than a Persian cat. However, training a Persian cat is definitely not an easy job. Most people think that they can train their cats just like they do their dog, but they are definitely wrong. So, here we will find out about the way you can train your Persian cat.

Methods to train your Persian cat: 

There are several methods that you can choose to prepare the Persian cat and then teach them about the things that you want. You have to be very patient as they are not like other breeds. They might be slow, but Persian cats will be able to get trained through different approaches.

  • Treats: One of the easiest and most straightforward methods to train Persian cats is using treats. You have to look for The most attractive treats that your lazy Persian cat loves. If you want them to train in a certain behavior, you need to show them the treat and make them repeat the process. Remember that you need to repeat the same process over and over again every day and several times a day. Repeat one activity 20 times and several times a day to train your Persian cat.
  • Clicker: Apart from treats, you can use that clicker. So, you must be thinking about what a clicker is. While staying with your Persian cat, you have to check about the things that it loves. Certain phrases will stimulate your little one, which you need to know. Every time when you want them to do certain activities, it is the push button that will stimulate your cat and provide them the energy to perform the task.
  • Don’t be harsh on them: One of the essential things that every Persian cat owner should know is you must not lose your patience. You cannot lose it, as your harsh behavior will have the opposite impact on your little one. Do not start giving any sort of punishment, as it can create problems rather than love them and try to tackle their behavior in a different way. As mentioned, you can use treats and stimulating behavior. But apart from that, you can also choose a vet doctor and train your cat.

While training a Persian cat can be really a tedious task, when you know the right way to tackle it, it will be easier for you to get the job done. Starting from litter training to understanding the discipline in your home is a must for your pets to understand. So you can use these methods to train your Persian cat and make it ready to stay at your home just as you do.

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