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It was five years back when I was first introduced to the amazing world of cats. With the first kitten that I got, my life changed as the cat was really very friendly and it loved me back when I used to pamper it. After having one cat in my home, I wanted to have more so I got two three more cats. It brought a playful atmosphere in my place and I was really happy and joyful with the cats around me. Life was good with my little “meow” and I enjoyed each moment spent with them.

Then I realized that there are many myths regarding the cats. So, these myths are all unreal. I don’t believe in them. Cats are friendly and obediently just like other animals. They love to do pranks and bond well with their parents. After I understood that cat are good and lovely pets, I slowly started to rescue the cats. There was much kind of tortures that was being done on the stray cats so I started rescuing and adopting the stray cats from the streets and we started bonding well. Then I started a team of people and today we are helping the stray cats find homes and we do door to door adoptions for that. People from all over India prefer our cattery and we are thankful to then and we expect the same support from people in future as well. There are many people who love cats and want to take them home, for such people we offer the support so that they can adopt the cats and help the speechless animals to get their own homes all across India. Today we have a dedicated team of cat lovers who are available 24×7 with their rescue support to the cats when they need. There are many times when we have saved the cats from stray dogs and other threats.

After providing adoption support to the needy cats on streets we have started providing the breeds of cats which were not available in the past. We have introduced such varieties of cats that are unique and people in India would hardly get those cats in the past. In India it is not easy to find the pure breed of the cats and sometimes the cat lovers are cheated by the breeders, however we don’t do such practices we offer pure and healthy breeds of Mumma Cats and Papa Cats. You can easily get the pure breeds of cats with us.

Our team members are very supportive and they offer round the clock services in order to rescue cats and treat them and our team also helps in offering them the services of re-home. There are many cases where we have worked on saving the lives of the street cats from the dangers. We are like an NGO which has its focus on offering the services that are not for the self beneficiary. We do generate money but that is for running the organization.


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