Are you looking forward to buying a Persian cat as your companion? Well, this is definitely a sweet decision that you have made because these kittens are certainly the epitome of sweetness and elegance. The breed is famous in the world and which is why the Persian Cat Price is slightly higher compared to others.

Their long soft fur and laid back personality have made them one of the most common choices of people. However, now that you have decided to buy this sweet partner and bring them home, you must be ready to take care.

Yes, you have heard it right. This feline needs more care and attention compared to others. So if you are already intimidated by it, trust us, you will love them. No wonder it is hard to stay away from them, but keep reading this article to know some details of this breed.

The Distinctive Nature:


Persian cats have a sweet and gentle personality that makes them one of the most attention-grabbing species. Their quiet and gentle nature makes them a species that anyone can live with. If you have children, they can be one of the best companions. However, they would refrain from joining in some games that would require lots of energy. They are mostly lazy in nature.

They mostly prefer a calm and gentle atmosphere. This is what makes it easy to handle. However, you can stay assured that they are not going to leave you. This is because this breed loves to stay in touch with its owner. They love to play with their owners using toys along with being equally happy by sitting in a peaceful place.

You can choose to buy a different colour. The white Persian cat price offered by Mummy Cat makes it a reasonable choice. You can have a look at their collection while buying.

Specific on the Breed:

The Persian cats are mostly medium in size, and they have an average of 13 to 17 years of life expectancy. They are calm, sociable, quiet and affectionate breeds constantly looking for care from their owner.

How to take care of your Persian Cat?

The long and gorgeous coats are what makes them extremely appealing for their appearance. However, you must make sure of taking proper care of the breed to be able to keep up the appealing nature of the breed.

  • Trim their nails: You have to make sure that you are trimming the claws of your cat. This becomes a mandatory need for the owners as they tend to get longer with time. As they tend to stick easily with the blankets, drapes, clothes and carpets, you must try trimming them within a time interval.

Besides, if you don’t trim, there are some chances of breaking and bleeding. Therefore to stay away from discomfort and pain, make sure you use a nail trimmer to clip off their nails within an interval of time. If you are willing to buy a kitten, check the Persian cat baby price before buying.

  • Clean Their Ears: How many times have you checked what is inside their ears? Even when this is underrated, it is as crucial as checking their health. You must keep this as a regular part of their lives. So make sure you have bought an ear cleaner and remove the debris buildup over time inside the ears. This will prevent ear mites, infections and other foreign objects from sticking into the ears.
  • Brush their coats: As you know, Persian kittens have long coats, you must keep combing as an important part of their daily care. This will prevent matting and keep their hair in proper condition. You just use a good quality brush to remove the debris and loose hairs. This will also prevent tangling, which eventually results in falling to more hair. To make sure you keep combing a regular part of their lifestyle.
  • Use cotton balls before washing the head: You have to make sure that the least amount of water enters their ears, and hence it is mostly recommended to use cotton balls. Sticking cotton balls minimizes the risk of entering the water as cotton has the capability to absorb water. So, now that you have learnt something about them, check the Persian cat price and bring these sweet companions to your home today.

Bottom Line: Bringing these sweet kittens at home can become a great choice. However, before buying, look at these details and the Persian Cat Price to keep a realistic expectation. You can now take a look at the fantastic collection of kittens available at Mummy Cat and bring a cute little Persian kitten today.