There are more cats for sale than ever before. Is it due to people’s love for cats? Yes, there are cat lovers but the reasons behind people keeping felines as pets are different. The latest trends on keeping pets show that felines are more popular in urban areas.

Let’s find out the reasons behind popularity of cats in urban areas:

1. Indoor pet

Keeping a pet has many advantages but when it comes to choosing an indoor-pet that requires little space, food and care, cats emerge as the best options. People visiting cats for sale include singles, couples, families and extended families.

2. Feel happy

Cats require little attention and whatever care they need, you can give them without cutting your productive time. Your closeness to your pet would trigger calming chemical in your body and mind. Time spent with a cat would be quality time because it would reduce mental stress and physical tiredness to negligible level. You will feel happy after caring your cat.

3. Living toy

A well-behaved and perfectly groomed cat is no less than a toy you can interact and play with. It would do naughty things that would make you laugh. The feline would move around your home taking cautious steps so that no home fitting or decorative item is damaged. And you can grab your cat anytime and start playing with it.

4. Sleeping partner

It seems crazy but there’s nothing crazy in sleeping with cats. And you will be surprised to know that scientists have proved that sleeping with felines improves quality of sleep. Yes, it is true and you can read the findings of this sleeping experiment on the web. People visiting cats for sale might have read the experiment results.

5. Lower risk of heart attack

Another study found that people living with cats have 30% less chances of getting a heart attack. If coupled with the other reasons, this medical reason becomes a strong factor for people’s interest in cats for sale.