Persian cats are becoming increasingly popular with their looks and nature. Of the many, white Persian cats are perhaps one of the renowned types of Persian cats that have the most demand. Their colour, face shape and nature – everything falls in place to call them one of the best choices for families. Due to their face, which is because of being flat-faced, they have gained the popularity of being renowned as a doll face. 

There are two different variants of Persian cats, which include the show Persians and the other is the traditional Persians. Irrespective of the colour and look of the Persian cats, these are considered one of the prettiest and the most stunning cats that you can keep in your house. Their nature and their amazing look make them one of the best choices. 

Do you know the history of white Persian cats? 

Persian cats are no new. They have been in the place for more than a hundred years. Nothing much is known about the breed’s origin. However, it is known that they have been to Europe. The name of the breed has been given to pay respect to its homeland as it belongs originally from Persia. The early specimens were being exported from the Persian land. 

In the early 1600s, when the Italian travellers brought them while trading with European countries, they became popular. They were the first breed that was being shown in the cat show. Irrespective of their history, white Persian cats are widely popular in India because of their looks and nature. 

Some Unique facts about the white Persian cat

There is no denying the fact that the white Persian cat is one of the best choices. In terms of their looks or nature, they tend to become a popular choice among people. So here, we will check out some of the unique facts about the white Persian cat. You will probably find another reason to bring a white Persian cat to your home. 

  • They are the first to win “Best In Show” in the first cat show: 

As we have mentioned earlier, Persian cats are a part of the cat show and have been around for hundreds of years. They are the first breed that won the world’s first cat show due to their look. Since then, they have been featured in numerous Hollywood movies and have become one of the most popular cat breeds across the world. 

  • They can stay in your couch for hours: 

One of the unique features of the Persian cats, irrespective of their colours, is that they are exceptionally very lazy. They are one of those breeds who can stay on the couch for hours without doing anything. This is the main reason why they are prone to get multiple health issues. Thus, it is the need of the owners to give complete attention to them and get the toys so that they keep playing. They can be said to be the laziest breeds. 

  • They are the subject of the largest cat painting in the world: 

You will find many painters focusing on cat painting, and a fascinating thing among them is that one of the giant cat paintings in the world features the Persian cat. This is the largest painting of a cat that has a dimension of 6’ x 8.5’. The amazing price of the painting and the featured cat has increased the demand for Persian to a huge extent. 

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