Are you thinking of bringing a Persian cat home? There is no doubt about the fact that these Persian cats are exotic cats that are worldwide famous. Such huge popularity also makes it an expensive cat. So, you will always find the Persian cat price, and other places in India are always higher.

These lovely furry cuties are definitely one of the best companions for people who are looking forward to bringing a silent cat. However, if this is the first time you are buying a Persian cat, you definitely are looking for a solid reason. So, we will give you some of the most common reasons why a Persian cat is a great choice for every cat enthusiast.

They are symbols of status: You must know that Persian cats are the oldest breeds. They go back to the times of ancient Egypt, but the perfect origination history is not yet known. With the name, it is clear that it originated in Persia, which is currently known as Iran.

Persians were imported to Europe in 1620, which were then brought to England in 1871. Back then, these breeds are rare and more valuable. Only rich people could afford them. So they were also popular as the royal cat. Its impressive history makes it a cat with a lot of value.

They have gorgeous looks: One of the prime reasons why the Persian cat price in Gurgaon and several other areas are always higher is because of their unique look. These are the exotic breeds that were popular in the US and the UK. One of the basic reasons why they enjoy huge popularity is due to their affectionate and beautiful nature.

They have chubby cheeks, long fluffy hair and flat noses, which makes them an exquisite choice. They are lovable, affectionate and quiet that will love to spend most of the time on your lap. However, there are two different varieties of Persian cats; one is a show face that has a flat face, large eyes, long coats and small ears, and another is a doll face or the traditional Persian cat. You can choose anyone that you wish based on your budget.

They are available in a wide variety of colours: One of the best things about Persian cats is that they are available in some beautiful colours. There are 7 colour divisions along with 61 variants of colours. These divisions are generally used in times of shows and competition. However, they are simply huge if you want to know about the variation of Persian cats available for the home.

If you wish to pet an unusual variety of colours, you have to make sure that you choose a renowned breeder. You might require to pay extra; hence, you have to ensure that you are ready for it. If you are looking for one such breeder, you can choose Mummy Cat. 

They have a unique and loving personality: One of the biggest aspects that make a Persian cat different from others is their loving and calm nature towards their owners and strangers. They love to be picked and held. Sometimes, you will also find them lying on any guest’s lap. They love to be pampered, and hence they will be found most of the time happy with their owners.

They are among the quiet breed who will not be jumping around from one curtain to another. However, if you want a sweet and quiet breed that is hardly vocal but has a soft voice, you need to choose a Persian cat.

Bottom line: Persian cats are truly one of the most expensive and sweet breeds. If you are looking for a breeder offering affordable cat price in Faridabad, check Mummy Cat. They share a great reputation for their quality and affordability.