Bringing the Persian kittens to your home will definitely keep you occupied. This is not only because of the appealing look that attracts people towards them, but also because of the care that they need. These are the breeds that are widely known for their distinguishable face structure and gorgeous long coats. However, you can check the Persian cat kitten price before buying as they are mostly on the higher side.

Known for their extreme alluring appearance, they have a huge demand in the market, but you must know that proper care is must for this breed. If you are a new owner and you don’t have much knowledge about the things that you must do and must not, then this can be valuable for you. Here we have included some of the major do’s and don’ts that can become helpful for your little companion.


Trim their nails:

You have to keep in mind their claws. You don’t want to get scratched with sharp nails, even when it is unintentional. Long nails are susceptible to getting stuck with the objects present in the house, and some of the most common ones are carpets, drapes, blankets and clothes. This will not only result in messing your room but can also break their nails and result in bleeding.

No wonder you would never want something like this, and hence trimming their nails can be valuable. If you are not sure if you can do this job on your own, then you can visit the vet. Being a new owner, it can become tricky to be able to trim and hence snake sure you are trimming them on a regular interval – either yourself or from a vet.

Clean their ears:

Have you paid attention to their ears? Even when the answer is an easy no, you must be sure that if not provided attention, it can become a health hazard. Therefore make sure you are using the ear cleanser once a week and then clean the debris before it becomes too bad. This can eradicate the chances of getting ear infections and ensure that they won’t get into any health hazards.

Comb their coats:

We all know that Persians are known for their impeccable coats. Therefore, to maintain their amazing looks, you have to be sure that you are taking care of them. Therefore combing should be a regular part of your lifestyle if you want to avoid matting and tangling. Do not forget to bathe them once a month using a shampoo prescribed by the vet. If you love the white Persians, you can find them with Mummy Cat. They require even more grooming than other varieties. Check white Persian kitten price before making a choice.

Remember not to take any risk with the shampoo as it is about the coats. This is the prime reason why Persian kitten price in India is on the higher side. Make sure to maintain them to maintain their amazing looks.

Use Cotton on their ears while bathing:

Just as mentioned, you have to make sure that you are bathing them every 4 to 6 weeks. This is a necessary part of maintaining the amazing looks of the Persians. But whenever you are bathing, make sure you have secured their ears with the help of a cotton bud. This will make sure that water does not enter their ear canal and keep your cat in good health.

You can easily maintain them if you love them. Now you can check the Persian cat kitten price in Gurgaon available in Mummy Cat.


  • Never Cut their Whiskers:

If you have adopted a cat for the very first time, you must know that whiskers aren’t their hair. You should never ever cut them, not even by accident. These are the sensory receptors that might mimic hair but are absolutely necessary for kittens. Make sure you don’t mess with them as otherwise, you might get bitten.

  • Never use Hot Water:

Cats are very much sensitive to temperature. Therefore, you should not use hot water while bathing. Use simple lukewarm water for them as this would ensure that they are not feeling uncomfortable.

  • Never use Shampoos for Humans:

There are times when we feel like using our shampoos on them and which is one of the biggest mistakes done by us. Cats have sensitive skin, and hence using human shampoo can become a bad choice due to the acidic nature of these products.

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