You visit this page showcase that you are looking for a Persian cat. Well, this is indeed a great decision as this is one of the cutest breeds that you can have in your home as a companion. 

Persian cats are known for their calm and docile nature. The elegant looks come from the huge coats and its unique face makes it one of the superb choices amongst the other felines. When you are buying this breed, you need to make sure that you pay enough attention to them and take proper care. When you pay attention and care that it needs, all you will get from them is loyalty and affection. 

Talking about the requirements, Persian cats require regular brushing to avoid tangles and a proper diet including all the essential nutrition. Current the Persian cat breed is among the most demanding ones throughout the nation. Not only Europe and America adore the mesmerizing looks and nature of these cats, but now Indians are in love with this breed because of its unique appearance and nature. 

Basic information about Persian Cat:

  • Size: Available in a wide range of sizes that range from medium to large
  • Weight: 3 – 5 Kgs
  • Color: Available in varied range colors
  • Hair: Silky and long with huge undercoat
  • Life expectancy: 10 -15 years
  • Gestation period: 9 weeks

Characteristics of a Persian Cat:

The Persian cat is one of those breeds that are available in a range of sizes that varies from medium to large. They are generally characterized by short legs and muscular body which helps in enhancing their appearance. Their rounded head, developed cheeks, and big eyes with rounded and broad forehead add to their prettiness. Added to the crushed nose which seems to be set little inside the face provides them with a unique appearance. 

The ears which are both small and round are way apart from one another and have been covered with an abundance of hair. Coming to the dress, Persian cats are available in a range of color variations. They can be found in colors like gray, golden, two-colored, colourpoint, smokey, and much more. The luxurious thick fur which is very soft makes them a great choice. 

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Persian Cat Origin:

Persian cat breeds are from the oldest breeds available in the market. The history of this breed is still a mystery as there has not been a record that talks about their primary origin. However, it is believed that the Persian cats have been existing for centuries along with some of their primary feline took part in some contests as well. This contest or the cat show took place first in 1871. 

The current knowledge of this breed was made by the breeder and indeed this breed has not changed a bit from their initial appearance. The popular story along with the documentation of this race says that Persian cats were initially based in Italy in the year 1620. During that time, it got imported with other materials like silk, spices, and jewelry. During that time, another breed named Angoras was brought from Turkey which is known as Ankara these days. Some believe that both of these breeds were one and belong to the same race. Additionally, some other believe that Persian cats are the result of the crossbreeding of the Egyptian cats.

The behavior of Persian Cats:

Persian cats have become one of the most demanding breeds because of their nature.

  • They have a calm temperament
  • They do not like changes
  • They are a kind breed
  • They communicate through their eyes
  • They have a sweet and expressive voice
  • They expect attention from owners

Well, these are some of the characteristics of the Persian cat breed. Undoubtedly they can be a great companion to people who lives alone. If you are someone who has been searching with “Persian cat shop near me,” consider taking a look at Mummy Cat today. 

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