A black cat is a domestic cat with black fur that may be a mixed or definite breed. A solid black cat may be coal black, greyish black, or brownish-black. A black cat having black fur with white roots is called black smoke. 27 October is considered National Black Cat day. The reason behind such recognition is because black cats have been so misunderstood and scorned throughout history. So, on this day, it is a chance to think about some of the ways in which black cats make the best pets; It is the day to enlighten and spread the world about how amazing black cats are. They are the perfect companion for you and deserve your love and protection. Black cat looks sophisticated. Their black coat looks sleek, shiny, and simply gorgeous. If you want to have a black cat, you can search for a black cat purchase online. Some interesting facts that might change your way to see them are:

Black cats were once worshipped as God

In ancient Egypt, black cats were considered sacred, and because of that, they were protected and worshipped. Indeed, every house or temple looked after at least one black cat, as it was seen as a way to bring good luck. People worshipped Bastet, a woman with the head of a black cat.

Black cats are considered as the symbol of luck

In many places in the world, black cats are considered as good luck. German mythology says that if a black cat crosses your path going from to the left, good things are on the outlook for you. In Japan people, black cats are considered as love or fortune, especially for single women, while in Scotland, having one appear at your doorstep signals prosperity on its way. The French call black cats as Money cats, and treating them with respect can bring riches. If you want your luck too, you can contact Mummy cat to buy these cute cats.

Black cats can change color

Black color cats are undercover tabbies; these undercover tabbies can even change color when they are exposed under the sunlight, causing the black fur to turn to rust or brownish-red color. This happens due to the sunlight as it can break down the black pigment to reveal the colors and pattern hiding underneath. 

Black cat considered as Sailor’s luck

Historically, cats were welcome aboard as they provided their significant service of hunting mice. The Sailor thought that the black cat brought them good luck. Some of these black cats are remembered in Navy history, like Tiddles, who traveled over 30,000 miles aboard Royal Navy vessels.   

Black cats have golden eyes

Mostly black cats have yellow color eyes that cause melanism, and their black coats make their eyes stand out beautifully. When they look at you, it is hard to resist the expression of those wonderful highlighted golden eyes. Some of the black cats have green color eyes too. 

Black cats can resist disease

It is discovered by researchers at the National Institute of Health discovered that the genetic alteration that causes black cats to have black coats may provide them some protection from diseases. In fact, the alteration affects the same gene that offers HIV resistance to humans.

22 Breeds of Black cat

It is recognized by the Cat Fancier’s Association that there are 22 breeds that can have solid black coats. These include the American shorthair, Scottish fold, Japanese bobtail, and the ever-popular- Bombay. 

Café for Black cats

Japanese have shown their love for black color cats by creating the world’s first café. At Nekobiyaka, Japan, you can relax comfortably while being surrounded by black cats. 

Black cats are the wealthiest cats

In 1988, a British man named Ben Rea bequeathed $12.5 million to his black cat, making it the wealthiest cat according to the Guinness world record, and in 2011 a wealthy Italian widow, Maria Assunta, left her entire estate, which is total of $13 million to her beloved black cat, through her nurse Stefania. 

Price of Black cat in India

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