Persians are probably one of the most common and widely recognized breeds across the world. Being one of the most glamorous breeds, it becomes very easy to recognize them. But even then, there are times when people fail to recognize them and result in bringing a different breed. This is one of the most common scenarios faced by the new owners.

Someone who is looking to buy Persian cat can check Mummy Cat to get the right breed at right price. But then again, knowledge is a necessity. Therefore, just to make sure that you know what features do these breeds persist in, you have to keep reading this article. Here we have included some of the most common marks that signified a Persian Cat breed.

What are those?

They look luxurious:

You must know that the Persian cat is one of those breeds that range from medium to large sizes. They have short legs and heavy bones, which make them look exceptionally sweet. Added to this, their rounded head, tiny ears and small neck, they are your cuddly partner.

The face has unique facial features, which include a snub nose, large and expressive eyes and rounded cheeks. The long and silky coats combined with the sweet facial structure make them one of the most widely chosen breeds. However, the best part about this breed is that they are available in a wide variety of patterns and colours and therefore you have the freedom to choose.

They are available in:

  1. Smoke and shaded
  2. Golden and silver
  3. Solid
  4. Parti-color
  5. Tabby
  6. Himalayan
  7. Bicolor

You can choose any colour that you wish but make sure that the breed is worth choosing. However, when you have chosen a good breeder, you can stay assured of getting a quality Persian cat. Mummy Cat is one of them where you can get a wide variety of breeds, from doll face Persian cat in Noida to semi-punch and punch faced Persians.

Sweet but dignified:

Persians have a very unique temperament. They can express themselves in a unique manner. You will mostly find them gentle and quiet. They have a very dignified appearance, and with their great looks, they combine to offer a great personality.

You will mostly find them sitting quietly in the soft or windows. They can sit at one place for hours, and therefore when you see such a breed you can stay assured that it is a Persian cat. Unlike other breeds, which, when communicated with a meow, tends to hurt your eardrums but Persians are very delicate. They are not a vocal breed, and therefore when they meow, you are slow and delicate.

They are not someone to explore or keep jumping from one place to another rather, they are grounded and would love to stay at one place. However, they are playful when their owners are playing with them. They have a sweet nature, and their affectionate nature will be open to their owners. Their unique intelligence is something that charms their owners.

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Well, even when this has nothing much to do with the way to recognize the Persian cats, having knowledge of the health is a must when you are buying these cuties. You should know that most Persian cats suffer from some common health issues like cyst formation and kidney failure. Therefore keep in contact with a vet.

Have You Made Your Choice of Persian Cat?

Identifying a Persian cat isn’t hard because of its unique facial structure and long coat. They look luxurious, and they make just the right choice for you. So go ahead to buying a sweet punch face Persian cat in Noida from Mummy Cat. You will simply get awestruck with the sweetness of these breeds.