Now that you have decided to adopt a Persian kitten, certainly you need to have complete knowledge about the traits and care. These tiny little paws require similar or more care like your baby. Yes, you need to pay complete attention on them just to make sure that the kitten is in good health.

Fortunately, Mummy Cat is offering Persian kitten for sale and you can choose a kitten for your home today. Before you take them home, you should know that they are different from any other breed. As they have long and luscious coats with flat cute face, the chances of getting health issues are much higher. Hence taking timely care is a must to avoid big health issues in the future.

So let us have a look at the step or care you need to take when you have taken a Persian cat at your home.

  • When they are one week old, you will find them opening their eyes as their eyes don’t open before that.
  • At four weeks, they are ready to use the litter box and start their playful activities. Watching them play is such a joy and enough to get the wide smile on your face.
  • At five weeks, they will start playing with the siblings. Make sure you keep constant eye on them, as the chances of soft pooping are higher. Hence make sure you keep them clean by checking regularly.
  • At six weeks, you should schedule an appointment with the vet. It’s the time of the first vaccine.
  • At eight weeks, make sure you start deworming your kitten. Also, you can start bathing your kitten from now.
  • At nine weeks, it is the time for the second vaccine
  • At ten weeks, you can bath them for the second time and in this way you can make a habit. Soon, they will understand that bathing is the daily chore.
  • At eleven weeks, the final vaccination is provided to the kitten.
  • At twelve weeks, you can bath and clip their nails.

Most of the breeders offer kittens after eleven or twelve weeks. If you are taking your kitten from the breeder before it, consider doing the above mentioned steps to stay assured of including a healthy member in your family.

So now that you have known, you can easily take the Persian cat for sale and enjoy a blissful life with the cute little member in your family.