The Persian is an attractive, graceful, and kind breed with a magnificent coat and a one-of-a-kind head as its most distinctive features. Because of its extraordinary beauty, kind temperament, and easygoing demeanour, the Persian is now one of the most popular feline breeds.

Persian cat is muscular and medium-sized, with short thick legs, big foreheads, and distinctly cobby features. Fur is tufted on their huge, spherical paws. They have a dense, velvety undercoat with a longer, coarser outer layer.

They should be kept entirely indoors to protect your pocketbook from the high Persian cat price, as well as to keep them safe from parasites and other dangers associated with outdoor living.

What are the Factors that affect Persian Cat Price?

  • Gender: Female cats are more expensive than male cats because they can have kittens, allowing the breeder to make more money from the female cat. If you buy Persian kittens online, though, you can obtain great deals on female and male cats.
  • Age: If you want to buy a kitten that is just 2 to 3 weeks old, you may be charged more than if you want to buy an adult cat. Having younger cats allows you to see how beautifully a baby kitten matures into an adult cat. A full-grown Persian cat is also a viable alternative. It not only saves time and effort, but it also saves money.
  • Breed Purity: The purity of a Persian cat’s bloodline is another element that influences the expense of buying one. If you don’t care about the purity of your cat’s genetics, a halfbreed is a good option. Regardless of the kitten’s lineage, the cat genes will undoubtedly reflect in it. Well, it is highly recommended that you buy Persian cat online for the perfect breed purity as well as economical pricing.
  • Colour of Coat: Have you ever seen a Persian cat that is completely white? They appear to be quite beautiful. As a result, they are more expensive, and if they have white fur and blue eyes, you should expect to pay considerably more. Colours with darker fur, for example, are less expensive, still more expensive than other cat breeds you can find.
  • Location: The price of the cat will be more if you live in a country where finding one is more difficult. On the other hand, if you buy Persian cat online in an area with numerous breeders, the expenses may be slightly cheaper because of the availability of more cats in the particular area. The demand for such a premium breed is great, especially in urban regions as opposed to rural ones.
  • Breeder: The price will rise in tandem with the breeder’s growing fame. If the breeder has the qualifications and permits to verify his worth, you may be confident that you will receive a high-quality cat from him. Mummy Cat is such a breeder in town that guarantees you the best quality at a reasonable price.


Aside from the purchase price, the cat’s upkeep and aftercare can be costly. The health risk is always present, so make sure you have your veterinarian on speed dial to assist you with any concerns you may encounter while dealing with your new cat.


  • How much does a blue Persian cat cost?

Gender, age, hair colour, location, and the cat’s breeder are all factors that influence the price of a Persian cat. These factors contribute to the cat being an expensive one. 

  • How long do Persian cats live?

They are best indoors and live for about 10 to 17 years. They are really lazy and choose a particular spot to scratch themselves. Take your cat to the vet frequently to avoid any health ailment.

  • At what age do Persian cats mate?

Persian cats achieve sexual maturity between the ages of 15 and 18 months. Both male and female Persian cats reach maturity around the same time.