Anyone who has cats in their house understands the fun of owning a cat. Undoubtedly there are several breeds available in the market, but choosing Persian cat can be a great companion for the people. If you have ever seen a Persian cat, it’s impossible that take eyes off them. They are simply an epitome of elegance. 

Persian cats are from the most demanding breeds that can be seen with celebrities. They are known for their long and soft fur and that flat face. Combined with their pleasant personality, Persian cats become an ideal inclusion on your house. If you have kids or other cats in your house, they can easily jell up with them and make a fun little family of cute little paws. If you are looking for such cats online, check Mummy Cat today. 

Details about Persian cats:

This is one of those breeds which are around us since 1950. They are born with a flat face and squashed up muzzle. Their flat face us a signature of them. The amazing coats and all the other appealing traits of the Persian cat make them from the most chosen one. However, there is a need for taking care f the long luscious fur which is the prime reason for attraction among this breed. 

Now when you have decided to buy one of these tiny little paws, you shouldn’t hurry. This is because choosing a kitten is the hardest than raising them. You need to know in details about the cats and their requirements to make sure that they remain healthy and happy with you. 

So before you plan to welcome these cuties, check these few aspects in them to understand whether it is a good deal or not. Moreover, nowadays you can buy Persian kittens online.

Personality of the Persian Cats:

Persian cats are one of the demanding species that are known to have a great personality. These are extremely very gentle and quiet cat that like to reside in a calm and serene environment. The people who treat them in a kind way mostly intrigue them. Unlike any other athletic cats, these breeds prefer to sit on a sofa or on the bookshelf. They mostly prefer staying with kids as long as they are gentle and do not perform any notorious act on them. 

Besides, Persian cats are very welcoming to the guest. In general, they treat children in the best way when children. They will generally greet with a very quiet meow. However, mostly, their eyes are very expressive. They will never mind spend some alone time, but definitely, if they have the person who they love around them, they will be the happiest. Now you can find Persian cat price online

Persian Cat Coat: 

Perhaps the fur of the Persian cat is the most differentiating features of the Persian cat. These are extremely very soft and long, which actually makes them look amazing. To make them look the way they are, it is a need to maintain their healthy lustrous coat. This requires the cat owner to stay extremely, very active. 

You require grooming which includes combing their long fur on a regular basis. You can bath them once in a week but make sure to use a cat shampoo, not any other general shampoo. Also, make sure you remove any type of knots or debris that might be there in your cat’s fur. 

Since these are the high maintenance cats, you just cannot overlook them. In case you find any type of tangle or falling off their fur, make sure you check with a vet in the least possible time. 

Since they have a pushed-in face, the chances are there that the tears get clogged. In order to prevent any types of stains, make sure you wash the face daily with water, especially underneath their eyes. Also, make sure to take care of the teeth to make sure of not getting any type of teeth issues. 

Common health issues in Persian Cats: 

Persian cats are highly prone to developing some genetic health issues which they inherit from their parents. Even when the breeder claims that the cat is free from any issue or his parents did not have any health problems, consider checking yourself with your own vet. 

Some of the most common problems that Persian cats seem to have inherited are polycystic kidney disease (PKD), hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), liver shunts, bladder infection and bladder stones. 

These health issues can be devastating and can lead to the death of your cat. In order to make sure that your cat remains healthy, not only you require keeping in touch with the vet and grooming but also check their parents if they had any health issues that your cat might have inherited. 

Remember to check them every day just to make sure that they are not getting any health troubles. Also, since they are very lazy, make sure you offer them a balanced diet and make them exercise by making them run after toys. 

Find a reliable breeder:

When you have decided to adopt a Persian cat, the first thing that you need to check is a reliable breeder. Only a good breeder is able to provide you with healthy species. Since most of them claim to offer the best, it is always better to check in your own before taking them to your home just to make sure that you are making the right choice.  There are several breeders from where you can buy Persian cats online. Mummy Cat is one of those few breeders who offer the best cats from this breed. Moreover, since they understand the confusion of the breeder regarding their health, they offer health certificate with the cats that you buy from them. You can contact them and make your choice of cat.