When it comes to the graceful and beautiful coats, there is no doubt that the Persians will always be on top of the list. The chubby cheeks and its affectionate personality are some of the major traits that make this one of the most demanding feline breeds, irrespective of the location. Even when you will find more than 200 breeds of cats in the world, with every breed having its own specialty, Persians cats are one of them that is known for its exceptional glamour in the entire cat world.

Some of the prime features are:

The Persian cats, which are also popular as the Persian longhair, Shirazi, and Shiraz, this is one of those very few breeds that have been here for centuries. They are available in different types, from flat faces to large copper eyes to round deads, chubby cheeks, and a snub nose. They have ears that are set wide apart from each other along with a short muzzle. If you are willing to buy one, you can have a look at cats for sale by Mummy Cat. 

Nowadays, you will find two different varieties of this breed, which include traditional and show. The show-type Persian cats have exaggerated features. The traditional ones or who are also known as the doll face, are the original breed that has not been developed with some extreme features. Both types of Persian cats are long, rich, and have flowing coats that are available in a range of patterns and colors. 

There are times when the glorious coats of Persian cats are elaborated as the cotton-like texture. These are high maintenance, but they have the tendency to get tangled and mat-free. There is always a need for the Persians to give regular baths and comb daily. No doubt that one of its major accessories is the huge plume of the tail that keeps wagging everywhere. This breed is available in a range of varieties, and some of them include Himalayan, Exotic shorthair, Sterling, and Chinchilla longhair.

Where did they originate?

Not much, but we know just a little bit about this breed. The prime origin of Persian cats is still a mystery; however, it is one of the most common stories that has been known. It is said that the breed was initially brought to Europe by Pietro Della Valle from Persia. From then, it has grown its popularity with a major set of characteristics. These are the luxurious breeds that were brought by the Persian merchant, and they took the entire Europe by storm due to their impeccable looks and charming personality.

What about their health?

Similar to the other breed cats, the Persian cats are one of those beds that come with some genetic health issues. This is the reason why when you are buying from cats for sale; you need to make sure of the breeder and ensure the certificate of the cat. Some of the most common health issues that you will find them to undergo in the course of their life include hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM),  progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), polycystic kidney disease (PKD), cystitis (bladder infections), bladder stones, and liver shunts.

How is their personality?

Probably by now, you have got that in mind that this is one of the breeds that is known for its charismatic personality. But how is it? Well, the Persians are cuddly, calm, and restful in nature, but they are one of those breeds that mostly prefer to stay in serene environments. Surprisingly, these are some of the most astonishing traits that you cannot expect from a cat. 

They are one of those breeds that will enjoy their time lounging on your sofa and would not make any movement. Their expressions are quite communicative, which, combined with the gorgeous eyes that they have got, adds to their amazing personality. The meow is itself very quiet and expressive that you will immediately understand that they are in need of something. Make sure that you are always kind and gentle to this breed, as they are pretty much quiet.

Final verdict: So, if you are planning to buy a Persian cat, make sure you read it. Coming to the Persian cat price in India, it is always on the higher side, and thus, Mummy Cat can be a good choice.