Persian cats are one of the graceful breed which makes loyal and loving companions. When they are tiny or during their initial days, these cutie are extremely very affordable balls of fur which later grows into long haired gorgeous beauties. If you are trying to buy one of these cute little kittens, the bet things is first to learn a bit about this breed so that you get an ideal on how to care for these kittens.

Physical Characteristics of Persian Cat:

These cats are from the celebrity class breed compared to other breeds available in the market. You can now easily Buy Persian Cat in Delhi from different shops. The luxurious and long coats along with the big beautiful eyes in the unusual looking flat yet cute face provide these cuties an unreal appearance.

It will be no lie to say that these kittens are hard to understand whether they are a soft toy or real until they actually move a little.


Some of these have the doll face whereas the others have flatter face which is called as Peke face because it resemble like those of a Pekingese dog. The flat faces of this species are famous in the cat shows.


The Persian Cat’s head are from the most differentiating features. They are rounder and larger in comparison to other average cats along with the round, large wide set of eyes makes them look adorable when they make any expression. They have fairly small ears that consist of rounded tips. The short nose and rounded cheeks aligned perfectly with their eyes makes them look truly intriguing.


Underneath these glamorous features, they have stocky body. These cats are round in shape and have tiny stocky legs which support their body. The long fur present across their body makes them easy to hide and offer the extra cuddly appearance. They have short tails but it is proportional to their tiny body appearance.


As we have already mentioned that the Persian cats are from those friendly breed that are sweet in nature. Their amazing features add to their worth and which is why the Persian cat price is fairly on the higher side. They love calm and quiet environment. They have very soft voice which adds to their sweetness and they are more like those find pieces of art that can sit in one place for hours without movement. This is the reason why they are also popular as “furniture with fur.”

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