A cat from Siam, the ancient Kingdom of Thailand, became a hot favorite as a pet in Europe and North in 19th century. This cat has a distinctive appearance due to its slender and sleek body, triangular shape head and blue almond-shape eyes and above all a silver-gray coat. This breed of cats is still ruling the list of the most popular cats for sale and adoption in the world.

Here’re a few reasons for people adopting Siamese cats

Siamese cats for sale can be traced back to 14th century in Thailand in a Thai manuscript. They were popular as domestic cats in early years. Today this breed is considered one of the oldest breed cats hence more reliable than others.

Hundreds of years ago, the Siamese cats were only reared by royal families and for this reason these cats are kept in the class of royal pets. They belong to the elite group of cats. It can be said that they give a feel of royalty and people adopt Siamese cats to get the royal feel.

Siamese cats have a history of White House. It was in 1800s when a US diplomat brought a Siamese cat for the wife of US President Rutherford B. Haye, Lucy. The diplomat was serving the US in Thailand.

Hollywood was also a big fan of these cats and this is evident from movies based on Siamese cats as protagonists. These animals played different roles in Hollywood movies in 1960s.

A very interesting fact about Siamese cats is their talkative nature. If you have this cat at home, it would never let you feel bore. It will describe its feelings about your presence, food and surrounding with her voice and facial features. It is a big reason for a high number of Siamese cats for sale.

Availability of Siamese cats in different colors is also a reason for this breed being on top of cats for sale search. They change color of their coat according to the environment and for this reason these cats have more color variations than other breeds.