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Being a cat lover, you will find numerous choices of colors. One of the most demanding colors is the ginger cat. If you are looking for ginger, it is nothing less than an extraordinary color. The ginger kittens are available in both short hair and long hair. If the ginger cat appeals to you, you can find them in a range of coats and breeds.


While a lot of breeders are available offering ginger kittens for sale in Delhi, you must be very attentive. Since the dark ginger cat in Delhi is available in different breeds, there are chances that you might get the wrong one. So, choosing a reputable breeder offering ginger male and female kittens for sale in Delhi is always beneficial.

The truth behind the Ginger cat color:

You might be surprised but you should know that the complicated genetics is the result of your cats color. Similarly, when it is about ginger cats, it has one particular gene affecting it to create the coat of this cat.

According to many studies, the ginger cat has the gene on which is clearly responsible to produce phaeomelanin. It is also known as the red pigment which gets so dominant that it can easily mask other colors. This specific gene generally comes in two different variants. O produces red pigment and o does not.

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For male ginger cats, it is a very simple situation. When they have O variant then they will become ginger. However, when it comes to the female ginger cat, since they have two chromosomes, it is complicated. When they have two O, they will become a ginger cat. When they consist two o, they would get no pigment in the coats. In the case of OO, some of the parts will be ginger while others will have no pigment. 

As males mostly have one O, most ginger cats are male. However, if you are looking for the female ginger cats in Noida, you can get in touch with Mummy Cat. We provide a huge range of hues of ginger cats from a range of breeds. 

Is the color of ginger cats associated with their personality?

There are many owners who believe that since they have three orange colors, it might have a huge impact on the behavior of the cat. Unfortunately it is a false statement. It is just about the vibrant color that comes from their genetics which has nothing to do with their temperament.

Just like other social breeds, Ginger cats are extremely naughty and would love to make human interaction. You would be shocked to know that the popular Garfield cat which is a famous cartoon character is inspired from ginger cat.

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