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If you’re willing to buy a beautiful cat for your home, you must have an idea about the different breeds. The exotic shorthair is one of the Persian felines with a unique coat. They are the crossbreed of American shorthair and Persians. Afterward, they were again crossbred with similar breeds like Russian blue and Burmese to create a unique and appealing breed. Now they have their demand.


Exotic shorthair kittens have unique characteristics that make them appear like Persians with short coats. They can be taken care of by the owners, unlike Persian cats. They have a very quiet and sweet nature which helps them to capture the heart very easily. They have soft-spoken voices and can easily get attention. They never bother anyone but have a sweet and gentle nature to get loved by people.

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If you are a cat lover, you will not be able to resist the appealing look of exotic shorthair breeds. They have bright blue colors along with a curious nature that keeps them involved with people. However, these breeds would love to spend time with their owners. Their short hair is one of the most distinctive features and is available in different patterns and colors.

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They have thick undercoat layers and dense coats, which makes them resemble no less than a soft toy. You will feel like a teddy bear and can handle them easily. They are the best partners to keep cuddling throughout. Due to their huge demand, the exotic shorthair price might vary from one place and breeder to another. So, before choosing an exotic shorthair breed, it is better that you do thorough research and then buy one.

Colors Blue, tabby, white, and black
Coat Available in a range of patterns which includes shades of red, blue, cream, black, tabby and tortoiseshell
Body type Similar to British Shorthair and Persians
Height smaller than the persians
Weight Approximately around 15 pounds
Temperament Affectionate, friendly and cute

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What is the price of an Exotic Shorthair Cat in Delhi?

The exotic shorthair price in Delhi differs a lot from one to another. We have a lot of varieties in our facilities. So, we can convey the price after you choose one. We also have the rare black exotic shorthair. 

How to buy an Exotic Shorthair Kitten in Delhi?

We keep the process very simple and straightforward. You can directly call us at 9599859131 and have a word so that we can help throughout.

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