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Are you planning to bring home a cute little Persian cat? No denying that Persian cats are one of the most amazing breeds available in the market, but if you want to buy a Persian cat in Sonipat, you need to have knowledge about the breed and choose the right breeder. At Mummy Cat, we aim to help you get some of the best Persian cats for sale in Sonipat. 

We know that these cute little breeds are simply one of the most desirable breeds. These have long and healthy coats that attract owners to them. Being a breed that has worldwide popularity, Persian cats are really one of the most desirable breeds. This is something that has an impact on the price structure as well. However, choosing Mummy Cat will help you to get a reasonable Persian cat price in Sonipat.

Learn more about Persian Cats before buying Persian Cats in Sonipat

Persian cats are known for their sweet little face that is able to attract owners the moment you see them immediately. They are very cuddly and extremely sweet. Unlike the other breeds, Persian cats can be said to be lazy. They can stay in one place for hours without the need for any entertainment. However, they will constantly need their owners’ attention.

Because they are extremely lazy, they also tend to get several diseases. So it is a must for a responsible owner to take care of it. To make sure that your kitten does not get any health diseases, you also have to make sure to bring home the cat toys. Coming to their thick and long coats, shedding is very common. 

Being a new owner, it is not possible for you to groom them on your own. So you should keep an expectation of grooming them at regular intervals to minimize shedding. This will keep your house clean and is essential if you have pets and kids at home. However, when you choose the best Persian cat breeders in Sonipat, you will be able to find every detail about their needs from them. 

Why is Mummy Cat the right place to buy a Persian Cat for sale in Sonipat?

We at Mummy Cat aim to become the first choice when it comes to looking for a breeder in Sonipat. Not only do we offer the best price for Persian cat in Sonipat, but also We make sure that we are able to provide the best quality breeds to the owners. 

We are the Persian cat shop in Sonipat where you can get every detail about this particular breed. With us, you can stay assured about getting a healthy Persian cat kitten in Sonipat. 

  • We offer certain cat breeds. 
  • Our cats are vaccinated and dewormed. 
  • We provide detailed knowledge of the breeds. 
  • We provide the most reasonable Persian cats price in Sonipat. 
  • All the cats are grown in a healthy home-like environment. 
  • We deliver kittens to your home. 

You have us if you are looking for a Persian cat sale in Sonipat. You can simply reach us at 9599859131 or send us a message at


What is the starting price of a Persian cat in Sonipat?

Doll Face Persian Cat Price in Sonipat range from INR 13,000-20,000 and Punch Face Persian Cat Price in Sonipat range from INR 30,000-60,000.

How to buy cats and kittens for sale in Sonipat?

To buy a Persian cat or kitten in Sonipat, you initially have to check our website. Apart from this, you can simply reach us by sending us a message or calling us at 9599859131 so that we can help you in further process. We will make it easier for You to choose and get it delivered.

What face types of Persian cats are available in Sonipat?

We provide both doll faced and punch-faced Persian cats. All you need is to reach us at 9599859131 and tell us your requirements so that we can provide you with the details.

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