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Have you decided to bring a Persian cat? If yes, it seems like You’re a cat enthusiast. Every cat lover living in Patna will look for the best Persian cat shop in Patna. While there are a lot of choices, it is inevitable that you cannot have faith in everyone. Since Persian cats are exotic breeds, it requires knowledge and a lot of guidance to breed these species. Thankfully, we are here to help you buy Persian cat in Patna at a very reasonable price.

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Persian cats are an exotic breed that looks extremely attractive due to their face and shape. They have thick coats that require immaculate grooming and a proper upbringing to ensure quality. We Are one of those Persian cat breeders in Patna who believe in creating a homely staying ambiance that makes sure all cats remain healthy. The Persian cats in Patna that you buy from us are not only of great quality but also certified.

Mummy Cat presents the detail of Persian cat for sale in Patna:

Persian cat does not require any introduction for cat enthusiasts. These breeds are available and known throughout the world. They have a thick coat that requires heavy maintenance. They have a pretty healthy and sturdy body that needs to be taken care of and are provided with the best quality food. Coming to the facial appearance, they have cute little faces with little noses. However, because of their flat face, there are always some chances of getting health issues.

So, before you choose to buy kittens for sale in Patna from us, you should know the type of care that you have to put into these kittens for their best growth. They have a very meek and gentle nature that makes Persian cats easy to pet. However, not every breeder provides the quality ambiance that they require. With us, you get high-quality cats for sale in Patna, along with knowledge about the breed.

Why choose Mummy Cat for Persian cat kitten in Patna: 

At Mummy Cat, we have always wanted to provide the right ambiance so that the Persian cats grow in a healthy way. We are not only a breeder, but we love cats. With us, they stay like home and not a breeding space. Following are some of the reasons why we claim to be the right place for Persian cats to buy in Patna.

  • We offer reasonable persian cat price in Patna.
  • We provide certification for the cats that you take from us.
  • Our cats are dewormed and vaccinated before sending.
  • We provide you with home delivery of these kittens.
  • We will guide you about the best price of Persian cat in Patna.
  • We make it easier to buy a Persian cat.
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If you’re looking for a Persian cat for sale in Patna while you want to stay assured about the quality, you can directly get in touch with us first or you can call us at 9599859131 or leave a message at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of a Persian cat in Patna?

Doll Face Persian Cat Price in Patna range from INR 13,000-20,000 and Punch Face Persian Cat Price in Patna range from INR 30,000-60,000.

Where can I find a pure breed of a Persian cat in Patna?

No denying that getting a pure breed of a Persian cat in Patna is really a challenge. There are many breeders who lie to sell the wrong breed. Thankfully, we provide you with the best quality Persian cat pure breed in Patna. You can simply call us to know more.

How do I take care of a Persian cat?

Taking care of a Persian cat requires a lot of time and knowledge. Make sure that you groom them properly and provide healthy food to ensure the best health.

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