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Do you want a cute Persian cat? No wonder these cute paws can keep you entertained throughout. Having them around is simply the best thing for owners. Persians are known for their charming and fluffy look. They are available in some of the most striking colors. However, the overwhelming choice of Persian cat breeders in Meerut might perplex you.

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Persian cats are known for their extremely gentle and meek nature. They are one of those few breeds that can stay in one place for hours. They are usually known as lazy breeds and hence can be taken by everyone. Unlike other cat breeds, you won’t find Persian cats moving or jumping from curtain to curtain. They are usually a very gentle breed that loves to spend time lazily. 

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However, since it is an exotic breed, finding the best Persian cat breeder is often a big challenge. Besides, the Persian cat price in Meerut is also high. Since these breeds have huge demand, the price of Persian cat in Meerut is mostly higher. So, it is a must for you to make the right choice of breeder so that you can buy a Persian cat in Meerut at the most reasonable price.

Get a reasonably priced Persian cat for sale in Meerut

Persian cat price is one of the biggest inquiries of owners. Being an exotic breed, these kittens for sale in Meerut might be slightly higher. However, choosing a reliable breeder is the first important thing for you. Since this is an exotic breed, there are always some chances of not getting a purebred.

At Mummy Cat, we believe in providing the best quality breed to the clients. We know you are passionate about cats, so you want to bring a Persian cat home. Choosing Mummy Cat is definitely a great choice as we give you the opportunity to get reasonably priced Persian cats in Meerut. We are not just any breeder but equally passionate about cats. 

So, choosing from our facility means you are taking the best quality Persian cats at the most reasonable price in Meerut.

Why is Mummy Cat the best choice?

Mummy Cat is definitely an excellent choice for every owner looking forward to buying a Persian cat in Meerut. We know that you will find several breeders offering a Persian cat kitten in Meerut. However, we aim to become different through our offerings and services. Mummy Cat is the ultimate destination for all cat lovers. 

  • We offer certified cats
  • We provide the required vaccination to the breeds
  • We offer online delivery of cats
  • We provide basic knowledge to the new owners 
  • We are always available to answer queries
  • We offer the best Persian cats price in Meerut

So, if you want to know more about us, you can directly call us at 9599859131 or leave an email at We will immediately get back to you.

What is the starting price of a Persian cat in Meerut?

Doll Face Persian Cat Price in Meerut range from INR 13,000-20,000 and Punch Face Persian Cat Price in Meerut range from INR 30,000-60,000.

How to buy a Persian cat in Meerut?

You can simply call us at 9599859131 and let us know your requirements. However, you can also visit our website to find out about the breeds we offer. Depending on your requirements, you can leave us a mail so that we can get back to you and have a discussion about your needs.

What are the benefits of buying cats and kittens on sale from Mummy Cat?

Mummy Cat is a great choice for buying cats for sale in Meerut. We are not just a breeder, but we are equally passionate about cats, just like you. We are different from others not only due to our experience but also because we provide certified cats.

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