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If you are looking for a beautiful cat to buy and take in your home, you have visited the perfect website. At Mummy Cat, we understand the need for the pet lovers especially people who loves cat and therefore we have some of the different species in our stock. You can choose one from the Persian cat for sale in Ludhiana.

Doll Face Persian Cat Price in Ludhiana range from INR 13,000-20,000 and Punch Face Persian Cat Price in Ludhiana range from INR 30,000-60,000.

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There is no doubt that cats are the cutest among all the pets especially when they are tiny. They simply resemble like a ball of fur. It is impossible to stay away from them and therefore we ensure that we will provide you the best species. At Mummy Cat, we have been growing these cute little paws since a long time now and hence we are now accustomed to their changes. We keep varieties of species here just to make sure that you are able to choose yours. You can choose any from the Persian kitten for sale in Ludhiana as per your want.

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We aim to take care of our cats and raise them just as a part of our family members. We don’t think them as a property for sale as they are our own. Choosing cats from our assortment will never let you down. Not only we have taken complete care of these cuties but also you the cats for sale in Ludhiana are vaccinated. To ensure the safety, we also provide the health certificate against every cat that you choose from us.

We have:

  • Himalayan Cats for Sale
  • Persian Cats for Sale
  • Siamese Cats for Sale

These are the three most demanding breeds across the world and hence we can take pride in telling that, Mummy Cat is one of the very few breeders who offer these cuties. We are the one stop destination to fulfill your love of cats. Consider choosing from the kittens for sale in Ludhiana and include fun and love in your life.

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