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  • Breed: Bengal

Bengal cats are known for their rowdy personality. If you are looking for an obedient and meek cat with a playful character, Bengal cats are certainly a great companion. They love to chase, climb, and investigate every little thing happening around.

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If you are looking for a sweet feline that can be your best friend in your loneliness, Bengal cats are certainly a great choice.

This obedient and meek cat has a great personality. There is nothing new about the fact that Bengal cats are one of the most playful felines available in the market. They do not stay quiet and mostly love to investigate every little thing. When you are buying a Bengal cat stay assured that they will ask for your attention especially from their owners. You will not find them staying in one place as they mostly keep roaming around your house. If you find anything wrong in your house or any mischievous activities, stay assured that Bengal cats are the reason for the troubles.

This feline is always in a mood to play. They mostly seek for adventure and love when they are being trained to walk. This gives them the chance to explore the outdoor region and get to know others. This is said to be a curious and wise breed. However, some might splash the paws if you have a fish tank or might even find them jumping from the shelves while you are preparing your meal.

If you think that the Bengal cat breed has a delicate and docile nature, then you are very wrong. They are one of the clever breeds that are very swift in their action, yet they are very graceful. They have a well-built body which is very strong and which is why these kittens will remind you of the jungle. You might feel that they are great in the jungles.

Even when they look like wild cats, Bengal cats have an affectionate nature. They love to be loved by humans and especially by their owners. They have high energy and with joyful and their high spirited nature, they tend to be a great inclusion in your family. You will never see them staying in the same position for hours, as most of the time they stay active. Their active personality makes them an ideal choice or family or individual who is tired of being alone. Their energy level with the help you get high during your lows.

Details about the Bengal cat breed:

  • Color: This Bengal cat breed owns a unique and majestic coat. They are available in a range of shades which include lynx, seal sepia, and also seal mink with a cream and white background is known as the β€œsnow” Bengals. This breed has a range of coat shades like seal sepia tabby, brown tabby, seal lynx, seal mink tabby, seal silver sepia tabby, black silver tabby, and seal silver lynx. This breed can also be found in several patterns like marbled or spotted.
  • Body type: With a substantial and long body, this breed has been found in a range of sizes available from medium to large sizes. This breed has a very firm and sturdy bone structure which makes them one of the biggest domestic breeds. They have a wedge-shaped head that also has a short ear. They have a textured coat that has been staged perfectly with the medium legs with the round knuckles complete them.
  • Height: They are available in a range of height that varies from 20 to 25 cm. It has a body length of 36 to 46 cm.
  • Weight: The average size of a large Bengal cat weighs generally from 8 – 15 pounds. Generally, the males of this breed weigh more compared to the females. They appear bigger than females. The male breeds weigh almost 15 pounds whereas females weight up to 12 pounds.
  • Food: These kittens are usually active in nature and are known for their high spirited attitude. Since they mostly stay active, there is a need for providing with foods that are rich in protein like the Pro Plan True Nature or the Pro Plan Savor and several other wet foods.
  • Great fact: Unlike the several other cat breeds available in the market, Bengal cats are said to be most attracted to water. They love it when you play wet games with them. You will find them drinking water mostly from the tap. They even follow you to your bathroom and will accompany you if you have no problem taking them with you.

Bengal cat history:

Since history, humans are always attracted to wild cats. Their free nature and amazing appearance make them one of the most attractive species to humans. This is the reason why some of the wild cats namely cheetahs, lions, and ocelots are some of the species that humans are attracted to.

The real reason behind developing the Bengal cat breed was to fulfill the demand of people for a pet that has wild looks. In the year 1963, it is Jean S. Mill who initiated the breed program. The Bengal cats that we find are the descendants of what she has developed back in the 1980s.

Where do they prefer staying?

Bengal cats love their owners. They mostly love cuddling and being cuddled by their owners. Since they have the resemblance of a wild leopard, they are considered among the aggressive natured pets. However, this is not true, as they really love spending time and have fun with their owners. They generally follow their owner everywhere.

Bengal cat personality:

As mentioned above, Bengal cats are not like other cats. They have a very different personality. The high energy levels, being curious, active, and mysterious nature tends to keep owners busy on the toes. If you are living alone away from your family, they can be your best companion. When you are thinking of buying a Bengal kitten, as a good and responsible owner, you have to ensure that you meet the exercise needs. This way they can build a great personality.

Other than keeping your cat busy throughout the day, this cat breed is extremely talkative in nature. Lastly, if you have a lifestyle where you need to go out then you should know that they do not enjoy staying alone. You have to be with them in order to ensure the wellbeing of this feline.

So even when you have a tight schedule, you need to make sure that you keep your pet busy all the time.

Grooming needs:

No matter which breed you are willing to keep as your pet, you always need to focus on their grooming requirements. Bathing your cat is an important part of the grooming. Since they love water, you will not find it hard to convince the feline to go for a bath. Moreover, brushing should be a regular part of their life.

This is a need for the owners to keep the bathing and brushing of your pet together. Moreover, since this breed has a coat that has been designed specifically, you can regularly wash them without any worries.

When you decide to take them for a good bath, do not keep their ears near to the water. Keep their ears away from the water splashes. Other than the bathing needs, you will need to spend time inspecting their eyes and ears. Make sure you pay complete attention to checking the oral hygiene. Set up a routine of cleaning their tooth every day. This will ensure your cat will not face any oral infection in their future as they are susceptible to oral infections.

Things to consider while rehoming the Bengal cats:

When you have the plan to own a Bengal kitty at your home, make sure you chalk out their grooming routine. As mentioned above since they love staying busy, you need to find out several ideas and ways to keep them busy. You can buy toys that the Bengal cats find fascinating. Make a safe and secure place at your home. Besides, make sure that you have space around your home as they can be seen everywhere.

They enjoy jumping and roaming around, so quiet is not at all a word for them. If you are someone who loves calm and serene ambiance then Bengal cats are not a good companion. They have a huge energy level and you need to have a similar energy to handle their moods and active nature.

Bengal cat maintenance:

Their naturally inherited wild nature makes the Bengal cat in need of many things. They seek adventure and playing whenever they are awake. If you have to go for work, you might think of locking them at your house and go for work. However, when you are purchasing a kitten especially a Bengal kitten, you need to know that care is the utmost need. You need to make sure of exercising this breed to maintain its well being. Maintenance is an essential part that every owner needs to emphasize when they have decided to buy a pet.

One of their traits is that Bengal cats are one of the most intelligent felines. They have the sense to understand everything. This is probably because of their curious nature. This is the reason why you need to buy a lot of toys for them. This will keep them busy most of the time.

One great thing about the Bengal cats is that unlike the other pampered breeds, Bengal cats do not need regular grooming or any special diet or veterinary appointments at a frequent interval. If you give them timely food and maintain their bath schedules, it is enough to ensure their well-being.


  1. I am allergic to several things but is it true that Bengal cats are hypoallergenic?

Yes, it is true. However, when said that Bengal cats are hypoallergenic, it means compared to other cats they carry fewer allergens. Since every cat is different and everyone has different traits, it is advisable to undergo a test by staying with the cat for half an hour to check if you are allergic to it.

  1. Do Bengal cats gel with young children?

Each and every cat has their own personality. However, since we start socializing at a very early age, it plays a crucial role in their growth. We don’t believe in caging environment and hence they go great with other children. So if you have kids, you can definitely trust these felines.

  1. Is it possible to train Bengal cats?

These cat breeds are extremely intelligent in nature. This is what makes this breed great for training. As soon as you put effort and time on them, you can get what you want them to do. Training is pretty easy as all you need is to give them tasty feed after they complete the goal. This is how training them becomes relatively easy.

  1. Are Bengal cats bad tempered or fierce?

Bengal cats, even when they sound bad tempered they are NOT. They are just like any other cat breeds. Only when you treat them bad they can be bad tempered, however, if you love them, they will offer you all the love in the world. They are JUST LIKE ANY OTHER CATS.

  1. Does this breed require special diet?

The best thing about Bengals is that they do not require a special diet. However raw diet which dies not include fruits, vegetables and grains are not great for them.

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